Infinity was awarded a contract two weeks prior to the end of the organization’s fiscal year. The contract covered management of the operations of a largely volunteer-based, non-profit scientific society and involved an extensive transition process due to timing and other factors. The challenge was to address several immediate deadlines within a short time frame while organizing new systems and processes for the society.

Infinity had only six weeks to coordinate the pre-event logistics for a 150-person training meeting at a west coast military medical center. The event required live models for ultra sound demonstrations, and delivery and disposal of cadavers to a Bio Skills Training Center.

In October of 2012, Infinity managed an Annual Meeting for 480 participants in Seattle, Washington. Two days before the meeting, the plenary session speaker’s flight was cancelled, due to Hurricane Sandy. He would be unable to attend the event in person.

Less than half a day before a client’s welcome reception, the hotel notified us that the town was cutting the power for repairs, including the hotel’s back-up generators. It would affect lighting and the hotel elevators. The hotel evacuated guest rooms and alerted attendees upon check-in. With no electricity, our client’s evening reception had to be quickly moved to another venue.

An event grew from 500 to 800 attendees less than two weeks prior to the conference.

Infinity oversaw the event and travel logistics for a combined scientific workshop and virtual conference for 150 participants. The client wanted to add a virtual participation component to the workshop but did not know what to ask for without a full understanding of virtual conferencing terminology to get the result they wanted with limited funding.