In October of 2012, Infinity managed an Annual Meeting for 480 participants in Seattle, Washington. Two days before the meeting, the plenary session speaker’s flight was cancelled, due to Hurricane Sandy. He would be unable to attend the event in person.


Plan B video presentation from office: Infinity worked with the speaker, program chairs, and the audio visual services company to secure the best option for a video presentation from the speaker’s Washington, DC office. Once we confirmed the platform specifications, equipment was secured and testing was completed.

Plan C speaker phone from home: The day before the meeting, we learned the speaker’s office was without power and he would need to make the presentation from his home. With the change in location, video conferencing was no longer an option. Infinity coordinated with the audio-visual company and the hotel telecommunications staff to ensure that the appropriate equipment, bandwidth, TI lines, and technical support services were available, tested and functioned properly. The morning of the event, Infinity conducted a trial run of the presentation with the speaker.


The plenary session began on time at 8:00 AM. The speaker presented via a conference speaker phone while an on-site designee with scientific knowledge advanced the PowerPoint slides to accompany his talk. The plenary session concluded without a hitch.