If you are a conference planner, a speaker, conference attendee, or even traveling for pleasure, travel can be a mixture of stress and tediousness. Passengers often find themselves emotionally and physically exhausted. Is it possible to energize, refresh, and relax? Infinity Conference Group, a conference management and non-profit management business has gathered the following tips to improve your next travel experience.


By now perhaps the lofty resolutions made in January are but a memory. Not to worry, we at Infinity Conference Group are passing no judgement or assigning any guilt in this blog. Instead, what if, no matter where you are, traveling, working at home or office, or attending /coordinating a conference, acknowledge that today is always a new day. You can take this moment now, to start over and try again.


The backbone of any meeting planning strategy can be simplified down to a lesson provided to many of us in grade school. Employing the 5 W’s can guide the meeting planner from a scratchy outline to a well-defined blueprint.


Whether or not you are a meeting planner, you might enjoy Infinity’s own conference planning staff’s amusing thoughts. 


Conference organizers so want to provide a memorable experience for the participants at their event that they tend to pack every moment with sessions, networking gatherings and high-energy group events, which often overlooks and overloads the many introverts in attendance.


Recently, Successful Meetings surveyed meeting planners regarding small meeting trends. Here are some highlights along with some Infinity Conference Group thoughts.


Sustainable living has taken hold of the meetings and conference services industry and promoting environmental stewardship through the use of recyclable meetings materials and eco-friendly giveaways has become standard operating procedure.


Three more meeting planner cost savings tips: meeting hotel contract negotiations, conference meal planning, and other vendor services.


Consider these money-saving tips during the meeting site selection and hotel contract negotiations process.


Increase revenue in your conference planning budget by tapping into the potential marketing and fundraising opportunities within an event or meeting app. Seizing this opportunity helps your organization’s bottom line and benefits exhibitors, sponsors and local businesses, which helps ensure repeat funding for future event planning budgets.