At Infinity Conference Group, we sometimes say “We’ve seen it all.” But as we all know, there is always something new to learn. In this blog post, we’ll pass along to you some of the ins and outs of site selection we’ve learned.

You’ve contacted a venue, and yet, even though the hotel contact claims to have the space, you must perform some due diligence because you need to match their room(s) to exactly what you need. It’s important to ask some detailed questions that can include:

  • What rooms do you have available? (Probe to find out all your options, don’t just accept the first offer.)
  • Do you have a floor plan and a site layout? (You want to see exactly where the room(s) you’re booking are located.)
  • Can you guarantee this room? (Avoid the bait and switch up front.)
  • How can this room be set up? (Do you need round tables or a seminar setting?)
  • What is the ceiling height, seating capacity, or window layout? (You don’t want to book a cavernous room for a small group, or a small room with low ceilings for a large one.)
  • Is the room a rectangle or square? (Again, match the room style to your needs.)
  • Do you have enough hotel rooms for our attendees? (They may be booked up your chosen week or some rooms may be closed for renovation.)
  • What amenities do you offer, or what are the nearby options? (You thought they had a restaurant on site, but it is closed temporarily for refurbishment.)
  • Do you have any upcoming scheduled renovations? (There’s nothing like trying to hold a meeting to the sound of hammering.)

There are so many, many little details in making your site selection, and unfortunately, some of them can make or break your meeting. Don’t let that happen. Ask the right questions.

And if you don’t know what to ask, call us. Infinity Conference Group is dedicated to pairing our clients with the right site for their meeting or conference, and with our experience, we know the right questions to ask for the right solutions.

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