It’s your worst nightmare. You throw a big event and nobody comes! While chances are this won’t really happen, there are steps you can take to ensure the best turnout.

Give a Reason to Attend.

When planning an event, you must have a clearly-defined “reason to attend” and this message must be in the forefront of all communications. Are you holding a launch party with entertainment, demos or freebies? Is your event educational training or an information-based business conference that brings together experts and dynamic speakers? Whatever the reason, make sure your audience knows what’s in it for them. Who will they meet, what will they learn, and, most importantly, what will they take away? 

Use a Twitter Hashtag.

Twitter hashtags are great for promoting your event and creating a like-minded online community. Set up a unique hashtag early in your planning, and let people know about it. If you need help, reach out to a third-party company who can assist in creating your own unique hashtag in the Twitter universe. Hashtags attract followers and lead to retweets, so make sure your hashtag appears on every element of promotion.

Use Social Media.  

Make it easy for your audience to confirm their attendance and share information about the conference. On your event registration page, include social media sharing buttons on the confirmation page and encourage people to spread the message. Every posting and tweet promotes your event.

Build Interest in your Speakers.

Invite your speakers to publicize their appearance to their own audiences and followers via their websites, social media, and subscribers.


Get the word out about your event by purchasing advertising on social media, as these platforms offer target options in geographical locations without a large budget requirement. 

Involve the Media.

Personally reach out to journalists with press releases to give them at least the “who, what and where.” And involve bloggers in your field; they often cover events the mainstream journalists don’t.