Whether or not you are a meeting planner, you might enjoy Infinity’s own conference planning staff’s amusing thoughts. 

You know you might have what it takes to be a meeting planner when…

  • You enjoy simultaneously planning and managing details – large and small – for multiple events each year, over and over.
  • You enjoy endless conference planning calls.
  • People believe you have supernatural powers that can make a room warmer or cooler.
  • You don’t know what to do with your hands if they are not holding a clipboard and pen (or an i-pad for the more modern planner).
  • You are unable to be a guest at an event without taking mental notes (because actually writing notes at a family wedding is in poor form).
  • You suddenly gain the ability to lift table rounds for 12 like a feather when the room isn’t turning for the next session fast enough.
  • You feel like everyone is family (good ways and bad, but mostly good) - the clients, the conference planner staff, the hotel personnel, etc. 
  • You know all the colors of the standard “my name is” badges, ribbons and lanyards.
  • You get to travel to the most amazing places and stay at great venues, but never see anything outside the meeting venue.
  • You have a post-holiday-like post-partum depression when the event ends. Yes, it’s sort of like childbirth.

If you meet all of the above, then you too can be a Meeting Planner and love what you do for a living.