Site selection and contract negotiations for events


Infinity is thoroughly familiar with planning meetings nation-wide, accessing our national sales representative relationships as well as industry-specific search engines on the Internet. Infinity is also accustomed to securing space quickly and has at times located and contracted a facility within one week of notification of a small meeting. Facility identification takes into consideration specific meeting and/or overnight accommodation requirements.


  • Analyzes meeting space to confirm that the room sizes and shapes are optimal for the room set up requirements.
  • Uses an extensive checklist to assess the quality of the property.
  • Conducts site visits when possible.
  • Negotiates the best possible rates and creates a contract with the facility in the interest of all parties. Infinity is experienced in drafting contracts that cover all contingencies to protect clients, participants, and Infinity from poor or non-performance by the hotel. 
  • Negotiates with an understanding of the interrelationship between the amount of meeting space, the number of sleeping rooms, the food and beverage requirements, and the audio-visual equipment and other support.