INFINITY’s corporate sustainability initiative centers on a passion for doing the most we can to have a climate-positive impact on global and local environments. Sustainability is just as important to us as our bottom line.
INFINITY’s environmentally sustainable business practices and services include:
  • Establishing carbon footprint offset options for attendees via online registration and/or conference websites
  • Ensuring sustainable practices in facility agreements
  • An emphasis on recycling and re-using materials in the office and at events
  • A hybrid telework/in-person work policy
  • Ordering recycled material for collateral material and giveaways
  • Encouraging public and alternative modes of transportation
  • Donation of unused meeting materials, e.g., pens, pads of paper, and bags to local schools and homeless shelters
  • Creating online evaluations as an alternative to participants completing paper evaluation forms
  • Offering printed programs to participants at an additional cost, rather than printing thousands of copies
  • Creating reusable signage and banners for meetings that occur annually or on a regular basis
  • Working with meeting facilities to arrange for the local recycling of conference materials and donation of leftover food
  • Asking facilities to use compostable cups for water stations instead of plastic bottled water
discarded paper cup
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