Mobile App

Your upcoming event will feature the latest technology, and you’re proud of that fact. However, there’s one thing you may have overlooked that is handy for your audience and can be friendly to your bottom line: The Mobile App.

Today’s audience is tech-savvy, having used smart phones and tablets regularly, so why not include a Mobile App in your marketing or event package?

How an App Can Save You Money and Result in a Happier Audience

Many organizations use their Mobile App to replace traditionally printed materials such as show programs, speaker handouts, updates, and bags or folders, which can result in a significant overall savings for the budget and less weight for the audience to carry. In addition, with an app, information can be provided to the audience prior to their arrival to the event.  

The app can also spread announcements, such as that of the addition of an electrifying speaker, or provide background information that will be beneficial to the audience member’s experience at the conference or meeting. Or it can simply provide your audience member the ability to sync sessions they wish to attend into their electronic calendars. 

Buying an App: Free vs Paid

Mobile Apps can vary in price, and many, especially the free apps, require WiFi access that may add an extra charge to your meeting space bill. Typically, apps you purchase only require WiFi access when you need to update it, but can be accessed anywhere. Recommendations from colleagues, members of your planning committee or your event professionals are a great way to find the right app. You may even be able to download the recommendation and explore its functionality.  

Loading Information on an App

Look at how the app template must receive information before you create it. It may require input in spreadsheet form, PDF or in Excel, for example. It pays to know what format to use before spending the time to create the materials.

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