We all can take a special interest in our environment and sometimes the little things we do to make a difference. Whether it’s implementing a recycling program or just increasing awareness about what we all can do to reduce our footprint.

There are many ways you can use sustainable initiatives to help your organization save time, money, and our environment. Here are some things you can do right now:

Go Online

  • To save paper, use a CD-ROM, USB drive, or App to provide your conference schedules and also post them online. (Bonus: This also reduces the stress of waiting for printed items to arrive on time.)
  • Use online surveys
  • Offer email or App options for presentations and participant lists instead of paper versions, or post them on your event website
  • Provide participants with local transportation options including light rail, bus routes, shuttles, bike rentals and walking routes on the event website


  • Order recycled or biodegradable materials for your marketing pieces
  • Work with conference venues to provide clearly labeled recycling bins near meeting room for participants and request that facility staff sort waste materials when cleaning meeting room 
  • Use 100% recycled paper


  • Create reusable signage and banners for recurring meetings
  • Request that the venues use reusable service items


  • Donate your unused meeting materials such as pens, paper pads and bags to local schools, homeless shelters and non-profit organizations
  • Work with your facility to donate any leftover food
  • Use decorations that can be donated (or consumed)

Environmental Awareness Saves Money

As an added benefit, many of the sustainable initiatives suggested can also save you money. No longer will you need to budget for bulky show program-printing costs, or pay for shipping materials. You’ll find that the cost of using recycled materials can also save you money, or at least not cost you any more.

Look at the big picture when planning your next event, and then do what you can to make each and every event the best it can be…for you and the environment.