Increase revenue in your conference planning budget by tapping into the potential marketing and fundraising opportunities within an event or meeting app. Seizing this opportunity helps your organization’s bottom line and benefits exhibitors, sponsors and local businesses, which helps ensure repeat funding for future event planning budgets.

1. Create Exhibitor and Sponsor Icons

Creating icons within the app for exhibitors and sponsors gives them the opportunity to load their company information in the appropriate section. For sponsors the amount of information they load can be determined by their level of support allowing you to offer your more generous sponsors the ability to load more information. For exhibitors having their information on the app and potentially linking to their booth location and allowing registrants to contact them through the app offers a huge marketing opportunity. Be sure to include this available feature when marketing your exhibit.  

2.  Sell Banner Ads

Banner ads can be marketed to exhibitors, sponsors and especially local businesses. These ads rotate at the top of the Dashboard page. Each time a user opens the app and accesses the Dashboard they will see an ad. When the banner ad is tapped the user is directed to the company’s app screen landing page, which features the company’s products or services and gives the user the opportunity to click through to a company profile and/or URL. If an exhibitor elects to purchase a banner ad the user could also select their exhibitor profile. 

3.  Get a Sponsor for the App

Have a company sponsor the meeting app! A secondary opening page in the app offers maximum exposure with a full page ad for the sponsor, which appears after the initial launch page, each time a user opens the app. 

4.  Involve Local Businesses in Your Event

As you consider using an app in your event planning and how to fund the app itself, if not through a sponsor, think outside the box. Reaching out to local companies not only increases meeting revenue, but can also make your meeting greener by eliminating the need for a booklet of local attractions or coupons from local businesses. Reach out and educate these businesses on the merits of advertising through your app. Let them know they can save money on printing expenses as well!

5.  Offer Additional Features

Other features and benefits your exhibitors, sponsors, and local businesses may be interested in include:

  • a priority banner ad, which appears more often giving the advertiser more views from the user
  • a watermark on the schedule page
  • access to the user statistics,
  • and a video clip

 An Infinity Conference Group Event Planner can help you arrange and coordinate this process. Contact us to help you increase your bottom line today. It’s worth the investment.