Recently, Successful Meetings surveyed meeting planners regarding small meeting trends. Here are some highlights along with some Infinity Conference Group thoughts.

How Do You Define a Small Meeting?

Most meeting planners indicated twenty-five or less participants.

Domestic Meetings Versus International Ones:

The majority of responders said that they thought their 2015 small meetings would convene in the U.S.


The response regarding best venues for small meetings ranged with 62 percent expressing a desire for a City Center, with about 40 percent preferring Airport Properties and Conference Centers.

Small Meetings are Best Suited for:

Meeting Planners felt that meetings of 25 or less were best suited for trainings, teambuilding and strategizing. Participants have a sense of freedom in smaller groups that lend to the ability to ask questions and provide for a free flow of ideas and viewpoints.

Online Feature:

It came as no surprise to the Infinity staff that the majority of meeting planners for events of this size are not utilizing a social meeting component to promote the event or to encourage attendees to participate. Meeting planners are inclined to invite only a very select group. Nor was it unexpected to find that less than 10 percent of the small meetings involves an online component to permit off site attendees to participate. In their view, the idea of a small meeting is intended for face-to-face interaction.

Venue Negotiation:

Negotiating for room rates was the most challenging aspect for small meetings. Infinity meeting planning staff has proven experience negotiating with venues for small groups.

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