Conference organizers so want to provide a memorable experience for the participants at their event that they tend to pack every moment with sessions, networking gatherings and high-energy group events, which often overlooks and overloads the many introverts in attendance.

A few small program planning tweaks to accommodate introverts will result in more attendees enjoying the conference and a more successful event.

  • Introverts work well in small groups, which can be accomplished with either official breakout sessions, or scheduling and facilitating more casual small group discussion time in the main conference room.  This allows the introvert to share their options and ideas without the anxiety of speaking before the larger audience.  
  • Introverts need downtime. Make sure to allow some free time during the days and evenings.
  • Introverts tend to be reflective people, and many absorb the events of the day during the quiet moments.  Offering an after-hours conference app or web page that provides an opportunity for informal discussions can be extremely beneficial to not only the introvert, but the group in general, especially if you can incorporate some of the discussions into the conference either during the general sessions or after the fact in follow-up information and reports. 
  • During breaks, you can provide several comfortable seating areas and/or small tables outside the general meeting rooms for small discussions.  An internet café or charging stations can be great places for the introvert to retreat and recharge during breaks. 

As a the conference planner you want your meeting to be an exceptional experience for everyone and these small changes can make a world of difference for engaging your introverted participants.