By now perhaps the lofty resolutions made in January are but a memory. Not to worry, we at Infinity Conference Group are passing no judgement or assigning any guilt in this blog. Instead, what if, no matter where you are, traveling, working at home or office, or attending /coordinating a conference, acknowledge that today is always a new day. You can take this moment now, to start over and try again.

This time, start small. No major changes. No toting around a gallon of water; no hour-long meditation session expected; no treadmill desk required. Maybe you begin now by writing down one thing, just one, big or small, for which you are grateful. Do this each day. Work up to three things, and maybe every now and then try not to include coffee as one of the three. Then maybe you add a couple of simple actions like drinking more water and standing up/less sitting to your day. Soon some stretching or walking too.

This 9 Simple Hacks to Stay Healthy at Work Infographic, provided by Snacknation, is a fun tool to help us all to stay on track. Some of the Infinity conference planners have now incorporated stretching, standing and walking into their day. Maybe they are grateful for comfortable shoes! ;-)