If you are a conference planner, a speaker, conference attendee, or even traveling for pleasure, travel can be a mixture of stress and tediousness. Passengers often find themselves emotionally and physically exhausted. Is it possible to energize, refresh, and relax? Infinity Conference Group, a conference management and non-profit management business has gathered the following tips to improve your next travel experience.


You can get in a lot of steps waiting at the airport. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International and Cleveland Hopkins International have walking circuits. In addition, in Cleveland, travelers will find a rotating array of health tips peppered throughout the airport. If a more invigorating workout will provide the boost you crave, Airport Gyms presents information on gyms that provide day passes for a fee in and around an airport. 


A few simple and subtle yoga stretches. Yoga is mentally relaxing and physically stimulating with the capacity to ease a tense back, tight shoulders and stiff joints. For those who would rather not do a Downward Dog in public Burlington International, Dallas-Fort Worth International, Chicago O’Hare International, and San Francisco International have free yoga rooms available. 


Many airports are creating a non-denominational space offing a calm respite for self-reflection and meditation such as Albuquerque International and Raleigh-Durham International. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International provides quiet seating areas. San Diego International’s Public Art Program delivers a tranquil space with the Spirit of Silence. Plus, there are apps like Calm so you can meditate wherever. Perhaps to refresh you require a nap or a shower, then you might want to try a Minute Suites or an airport lounge pass. You can make the trip to the airport a mini-vacation in itself.

The Gift of Time

Try shifting your mind to gratitude for down time away from home responsibilities or the office and live in the moment. Mindfulness is therapeutic for the brain.

Therapy Dogs

If all else fails, there are nearly 30 airports around the country where you can find certified comfort therapy dogs to help ease stress and put a smile on your face.  

Happy travels!