Chanley Mash

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Chanley Mash

Chanley joined INFINITY in 2019 and brought with her several years’ experience of customer-focused administrative services. Today, she provides an array of services to our association and conference management teams. For our nonprofit societies, she leads day-to-day membership management, communications, and website services. She also provides logistical support, registration management, material development, and administrative travel services for our conference management team.

“Don’t ever stop learning and growing as a person” is the best advice Chanley has received and words she is truly embracing. Since joining INFINITY, she has learned basic graphic design; website development; html coding; video recording and editing; and virtual event hosting. She recently collaborated to develop a website that houses enduring materials for a military medical client, one of the first large projects where she contributed from start to finish. Chanley found this project to be uniquely fulfilling in that “so many lessons and tips were learned that translate to other projects I am and will be working on!” She continually takes on any challenges presented to her with sincere enthusiasm. Her can-do attitude, cheerfulness, and positivity are inspiring throughout the organization.

Chanley received a BA in Business Management/Marketing from Shenandoah University. Outside of work, she loves cooking (but never follows a recipe) and spending time outside enjoying nature with her dogs and her husband.

Desired Superpower: The ability to clone myself so I can be at more than one place at a time and doing multiple tasks as once!

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