At INFINITY we’ve brought together a team with real-world experience and diverse talents who share our values and passion for delivering impactful results. We’re experts at connecting you with your stakeholders and customers through strategic thinking, and innovative, budget-conscious approaches, backed by technology. When you choose to work with us, you’ll be working with a team that’s hand-picked for you, based on your specific needs and desired outcomes. We’ll bring to every project our culture of accountability, active listening, and consistent communication.

Doreen Albertson, CDMP

President and CEO

Ayesha Navagamuwa, CMP

VP of Operations and Strategy

Amanda Curran

Director of Financial Operations & Analysis

Holly Harrington, CGMP

Project Manager

Kathy Berry

Project Manager | Graphic Design Specialist

Buffy Harris, CMP, CGMP

Project Manager

Kathryn Salucka

Account Executive

Debbie Stein

Associate Project Manager

Heather Cameron

Senior Meeting Planner

Sara Sterling, CGMP

Senior Meeting Planner

Michelle Leichty

Meeting Planner

Emily Peters

Project Associate

Sarah Larsen Miller

Membership Coordinator

Chanley Mash

Meeting Coordinator

Donna Lovett

Accounting Associate

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